Advantages And Disadvantages Of Reading English

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Richard Hanley reported on the various challenges that facing children learning to read respectively in Welsh and English. In 2003, the results of an overall investigation of written word admission skills at the end of first grade in Fourteen’s different European countries. Therefore, the results proved that children who were learning to read English complete far worse than the children of any other nationality, at reading both real words and non-words with identical structure to real words. Whilst children from most of the Fourteen countries read over Ninety percent of real words exactly, the children learning to read English was valid on only Thirty-four percent. The next lowest score was Seventy-one percent of words read correctly by children from Denmark. This essay will discuss the challenges that face to children’s English learning.

The English writing system, in common with all European and American languages, English utilize an alphabetic writing system in which letters exemplify the spoken sounds of words. The smallest unit of sound that can impact the meaning of a word is called a phoneme, and a grapheme is an exemplification of a phoneme in written form. The problem with English is that there is less identification in grapheme-phoneme relationships than in almost any other alphabetic writing system. Graphemes for vowels, in particular, can exemplify a many of different phonemes in different words. Hence, English is said to have a deep orthography in contrast

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