Advantages And Disadvantages Of Recycling Essay

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Introduction to recycling:
Recycling has developed to be one of the few pillars that support resources management by achieving sustainable goals. Moreover people realised that the economic growth will not be sustained in the future without serious damages to the environment so it will have to be associated with waste management and prevention of pollution. In fact, there were a lot of events that led to the emerging of the sustainability idea such as, the Stockholm meeting of the United Nation Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in 1972which is often marked as a new era towards improved waste management practices. In addition, in 1992 the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) laid down a list of wastes that
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Just imagine how many plastic bags are thrown into garbage and accumulating in increasing numbers day by day. Plastic debris affects wildlife, humans’ health and the environment. The existence of millions of tons of the plastics bottles, bags and garbage in or near the world seas or lakes, where most of the landfills are built causes them to break down unleashing poisonous toxins which create a big threat to the marine life and plants that live near lakes. In addition, the ability of the plastic bags to fly readily from one place to another makes it easy for the pollution to spread to far distances, and may even reach forests, destroying their environment as well, threatening the life of many creatures. And this is just one example, which is plastic debris, imagine what other debris might cause!
That is why we need to ask ourselves: What would be the most affective and environmental friendly way to get rid of these threats? We are trying to save the planet, so we need to decide what we can do to save the environment. The most effective way that can help is recycling. Recycling helps preserve our natural resources. In addition, when we recycle the plastic, we are saving up some energy by not producing more new plastic, and there will be less threat on the environment and in humans’ health as well because they are both

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