Waste Management

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Abstract: How can we make the environment less harmful and minimize the waste into something more useful to us and avoid causing any bad things? Waste management is basically the solution. Waste management is managing the wastes from the beginning until the disposal. The three famous R’s in the environment which are Reduce Reuse Recycle, are the main things that will help in leading to a cleaner and better environment. The three of them are important; for each one of them is related to the other somehow. The preferences and the importance of them are as mentioned relatively. It starts with the most important and preferred one which is Reduce, then comes Reuse and Recycle. Of course they aren’t neglected but they are put in order according…show more content…
Waste management has become very important because the modern humans produce large amount of waste and most of these wastes are non-biodegradable. when these wastes are thrown away it will be taken to landfills where it will take centuries to break down completely. Reduce reuse and recycle are the 3Rs of waste management. Reduce is the most effective of the Rs which means to reduce the amount of resources human beings use in their daily life. Reuse is to reuse the products rather than throwing them away after a short time. Recycle is to make use of the old materials to create something new out of it.by the efficient use of these three Rs the consumers can minimize the amount of waste they generate to an extent. This can be achieved by bringing small changes in our daily lifestyles. Reduce is the beginning of the Rs. Reduce can be achieved by buying recycled products, especially paper and bathroom tissue. Choose electronics and appliances that are energy-efficient. Avoid house hold cleansers made with toxic materials. Reduce the amount of water consumption at home. Waste less energy on lights and equipment. Reusing can keep the old resources from entering the waste stream by making use of it in a productive way. For e.g.: old clothes can be turned into a shopping bag, glass bottles can be used to store the leftovers, old tooth brush can be used to clean the window grills etc. Recycling converts waste materials to reusable materials through…show more content…
The environment is our home which we should take care about. The following page will include recommendations that would basically explain how we can help in preserving our environment and keeping it healthy. We are the main causes for what the environment becomes, why don’t we all stand to prevent all of this? For our future, for the next generations. Recommendations: 1) Reuse anything that is still good to use! In other meanings, if you have something that can be fixed or still can be useful, keep it and don't throw it. 2) If possible, try to buy products that are biodegradable. 3) Buy recycled products. For example: recycled papers/recycled electrical goods. If recycling companies see that there's a demand on recycled goods, it will encourage them to recycle more & more. 4) Don't throw anything that is still can be useful but is unwanted for you. Search for online auctions about used items to sell them or give for companies that will get benefit of them. 5) Use products that can be refilled. It will reduce waste and

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