Advantages And Disadvantages Of Refrigeration

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The solar energy is backbone for human beings. So with use of solar energy we can reduce the pollution and all global worming problems which is major issue for any countries in now a days. By using solar energy we can reduce the consumption of electricity and fossil fuels. But the major problem with these solar technologies having low COP, High initial cost, Availability of Sun.

Now a days, many Solar based refrigeration s system are Available. In Simple Solar based Vapour absorption Refrigeration system the heat is required in generator for supplying heat to the strong solution (mixture of Refrigerant and absorber). But problem with these type of s system is that it cannot be used in the absence of sun and at the time of night. Though major problem with these system cannot use at the time of night and absence of sunlight. So we are trying to find out the material which can store the solar energy at the time of day and this store energy can be used at the time of night.


• India is the among the world leaders in agriculture production however much of our produce goes waste due to absence of storage facilities. Refrigeration is thus vitally important for our country.
• Milk produce is also adversely affected due to lack of refrigeration.

• Cool drinking water is unavailable to people of non-electrified villages.

• Medical facilities are also affected due to break in cold chain as

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