Advantages And Disadvantages Of Refugees

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In my interview with her has this to say ‘the era when multiple agencies and government department working at cross purposes without coordination should be over. She also listed a few ways the problem can be minimized. The least the Nigerian government own to her citizens who are displaced due to no fault of theirs is to organized government response to their needs in a competent and accountable manner, opening up safe routes to sanctuary for refugees is one important solution: this means allowing people to reunite with their relatives and giving refugee visas so they don 't have to spend their live savings and risk drowning to reach safety. World leaders also need to put saving life first, no one should have to die crossing a border. State can stop this by investing in search and rescue operation and immediately helping people in distress. According to the approach of the press The Guardian towards refugees, in some part of Spain, newcomers are welcomed with open harms. One of the benefits of teaming up with other European newspapers to cover a complex subject such as immigration is that you get different perspectives on how asylum seekers and refugees are viewed in different countries. While in Britain the debate remains poisoned by overwhelmingly negative views of incomers, our counterparts in Europe often appear able to take a more grownup approach to this perennial issue. In Spain, for example, there is little hostility towards immigrants and few votes to be had by

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