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Energy crisis has become a serious threat towards sustainability mostly for developing countries and communities in the last decade. During 1990–2000, developing countries of the Asia Pacific region met 27% increase in conventional energy consumption while the world energy consumption was 11% . Increasing in the energy demand is expected to continue in the future. Fossil fuels have been the main source of energy since first sparks of technology appeared in mankind lives, however, depletion of fossil fuel reserves as well as significant environmental impacts, leads the governments and authorities to focus on renewable energy resources. In most recent years, demand for petroleum-derived fuels is increasing as a result
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It has a promising potential to establish large scale solar power installations. However, solar energy is still at the infancy stage due to the high cost of photovoltaic cells and solar electricity tariff rate. The Malaysian Government is keen to develop solar energy as one of the significant sources of energy in the country. Greater emphasis will be placed on energy efficiency under the Tenth Malaysia Plan (2011–2015). This paper discusses present and future situation of solar power in Malaysia, utilization of solar energy and the strategies taken by the Malaysian government and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) to promote solar energy thermal applications and electricity power generation in the future .Beside , the operation of solar power systems does not produce any air pollution . Therefore , only health environmental and safety issues need to be considered during manufacturing , installation and finally disposing off . To manufacture this , energy is required and the usage at the fossil fuels will produce emissions . The energy balance is generally favourable to solar systems . Some research found that water heaters based on solar energy increase the amount of hot water generated per unit of fossil energy

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