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Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Renewable Energy Resources Self regenerative resources found in nature are called renewable. Energy that is resulting from natural process that is replenished constantly, Resources of renewable energy are sunlight, wind, tides and geothermal heat. Renewable energy exists continuously and abundant in the environment, ready to be harnessed, clean alternative to fossil fuels. Renewable energy put conventional energy in key four areas: Hot water/space heating, electricity production and transportation and off-grid energy services. The major renewable energy resources are the following. 1.1.1 Water Water energy or hydro energy is one of the renewable energy sources. Hydro energy is divided into three main categories: the…show more content…
Solar air heater is used to heat or condition air for building or process heat applications. Space heating for housing and commercial use can be done by the use of solar air heating technology to save money and energy. Solar air heater converts solar energy into thermal energy directly using solar collectors. The basic types of solar air heaters are single pass solar air heater and double pass solar air heaters and special modifications are used nowadays. • Single pass solar air heater is a simplest and distinctive form of air heaters. In single pass solar air heater, air enters through one end, flows in a single straight duct, absorbs heat and then heated air go out at the other end of the duct. There is a single straight channel of air. This is the simplest form of heater which is usually…show more content…
The air heater is made to work on solar energy which is a renewable form of energy. The process of room heating is must for every home and other residential and commercial area. The space heating with conventional fuels has turned out to be costly due to the raging fuel crisis. Hence an efficient solar air heating device must be created which can be used in residential and commercial areas. 1.5 The purpose of the study The purpose of the study is to understand the needs of humans in daily life and fulfill these needs by resources which are available in the universe. One of the resources which are free for everyone is solar energy. It is renewable form of energy. Solar energy is the most effective and useful energy nowadays to fulfill human needs. By using solar energy we fabricate solar air heater to give us more energy which has a lot of uses in industries and space heating for residential and commercial uses. 1.6 Objective • To design and fabricate double pass solar air heater. • The implementation of solar air heater for a normal

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