Advantages And Disadvantages Of Reparation To African Americans

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The United States of America’s wealth and country was constructed from the ground up on slave labor and on the suffering of the entire black community. Tobacco energy and insurance companies had profited from slavery and these businesses continues to exist. But black people has never been compensated for their labor or received reparations for the monstrosity that slavery has caused to the black culture. The U.S. government should provide reparation to African-Americans for the injustice of slavery and the repercussions that continue to affect the opportunities of millions of African-Americans.
Lisa Chavez’s article " Demands for Reparation" mentioned that “time” and “who” are eligible for compensation are the problems we are encountering. This issue could have been resolved if African-Americans received reparations after the civil war. For example, during the WWII the United States government forcibly removed Japanese-Americans from their
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government should compensate African-Americans for the disadvantages of education, health care, housing, employment, and other social goods as result of slavery. Creating a reparation fund, which targets the developments of the poorest black communities and individuals who are descendants of slaves. Free college tuition for descendants of slaves in the United States will give higher education opportunities to African-Americans and assist in the continued economic growth of America.
In the article “An Idea Whose Time Has Come” by Nanning Marable, suggested that American government has a problem with structural racism based on stereotypes and the indifferences of some White Americans. These indifferences can be noticed in Democrats and Republicans rejection for reparation and their opposition to apologize for slavery. It is no coincidence that Black people and other minorities are imprisoned for the same crimes which White individuals have committed without facing consequences on the premise of their
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