Advantages And Disadvantages Of Retailing In Retail Business Management

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LIKHO XEGO 213036959 07/03/2016 B-Tech: Retail Business Management RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 4 Topic: RETAILING IN DISADVANTAGED COMMUNITIES: THE OUTSHOPPING PHENOMENON REVISITED Introduction The Supermarkets where you could purchase on credit forms part of the folktale of South African retailing. With the beginning of improved infrastructural development and generally better-informed customers, the nature and range of retail facilities have changed. Today, consumers have a wide range of retailing facilities available and are supported by retailers ranging from near to home to regional shopping centers some distance from their home environment. Progressively, some consumers travel further to these faraway trade areas to buy goods and services, spending a large part of their income outside the local community. These specific customers are described as outshoppers (Choe, Pitman & Colins 1997:1; Dunne & Lusch 2008:104; Engel, Blackwell & Miniard 1993; Paddison & Calderwood 2007:138). Market gravitation, which takes place in many countries of the world, is especially prevalent in rural and disadvantaged areas where fewer retailing options exist, and where retailers that have been serving the local community for years are ending. This is called the “triple jeopardy phenomenon” where small rural retailers have scarcer customers, who purchase less often and spend fewer per shopping trip (Kim & Stoel 2010:70). Some of the main retailing groups have established reduced

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