Research Paper On Social Media

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Social Media Paper
Tara M Frklic
July 24th, 2017
Allyson Wells

Social Media Paper
Gathering information can be done in many ways. Retrieving information can be done from newspapers, television, radio, internet, and from person to person. However, retrieving the information is done, there will be good points from it as well as bad points.
One advantage of obtaining information easily is convenience. Everybody loves having convenience at the tip of the finger, or from the touch of a button. People that work a lot of hours may not be able to watch the news on the television at night, so they might use their smart phone to retrieve news that was missed throughout the day.
Another advantage is saving time. Getting news through a
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I would not want to hear or see how one of my family or friends had passed away or got seriously hurt that has been posted on social media. I would want to be notified the proper and respectful way.
Another disadvantage of getting information easily is accuracy. Just because someone reads something online does not mean it is always true. Take time to do a little research, make sure the data collected is accurate on facts. Collecting materials people may think is valid just because it was easy to retrieve is not always safe and correct.
There are so many news stories and articles that flow across the Facebook feeds these days, there is no telling which are true and which are false without researching them. A lot of people see things on the internet and run with it without knowing if it is trusted. I know individuals who believe if it is on the web it must be right, that is the worst way to think about the
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If we take the time and put in the effort into what we see on social media, more people that use the social media sources would know which stories or sites are trusted and which are not. If we come across a story that seems to be a legit story with no signs of deception and spread the word about it only to find out the information later was inaccurate we may feel we cannot trust anything we see or read on the internet. This may shun us away from social media. Any information we obtain from the internet must be from a reliable and credible source to assure everything is correct and not just from someone throwing random information together. Not having proper data can make a false presentation and cause a failing grade if it was for a school assignment. Citing all references from the information gathered gives the author credit for their hard work and dedication they
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