Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sameness In The Giver

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What would a society that only allows sameness look like? In The Giver by Lois Lowry there society also called their community has this as the center of their life. There are advantages and disadvantages to sameness, but sameness is wrong and should be eliminated. Sameness sounds great,there isn’t any crime along with no prejudice and great protection. The people in Jonas’ community “... gained control of many things.” said the Giver (page 120) If they gained control of many thing then there wouldn’t be crime which can help a lot with making the community safe. “We really have to protect people from wrong choices.” (page 124) If they protect them from wrong choices the community would be safer and there couldn’t be crime or prejudice because that would be a wrong choice. Like Jonas said they “...might make a wrong choice.” (page 124) With sameness if they make a wrong choice they are punished. While there are good things about about sameness there are also bad things. “Release of newchildren was always sad…” (page 9) In this community they kill baby’s just because they might not be as developed as other children. This is wrong because all children should get a chance at life. Also “Each december brings…show more content…
In sameness people don’t have any freedom to do anything, although, this could help protect them people should be able to have some freedom. In this type of society there is no love, love is a meaningless word in this community. Being able to feel love is important because it allows you to get closer with people and have a real relationship with them. There is also no colors in this society. Without colors the world would be very dull and boring. Another reason why it should be eliminate is because there are no animals. Animals help a lot with coping and grieving, they also make good friends. Having a relationship with an animal is a very special bond that you should be able to have if you want
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