Advantages And Disadvantages Of School Management

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Manual School Management vs. School Management software
We all know that how tedious is to manual manage the school operations. School management has to take care of so many factors to make it efficient. Those factors include managing timetables, allotment of classes to teachers, student’s fee calculation, pay scale preparation etc. The introduction of software into school management has made a great difference. School management software takes care of the system more effectively in all means.
Time table management: Creating timetable manually is a very confusing and time consuming task. Lots of effort is put for it. In such situations, Time table Management Software acts as a best solution. Time table Management Software not only creates efficient timetables but also helps in overall administrative and academic management of a school. Edsys’ e-timetable is such software which can help you in creating efficient timetables and school management.
Work force management: Sometimes manual school management will fail to act in so many areas and may lead to problems. The work force management system by Edsys will solve all your school work force management needs. Using this software you can track attendance of your staff, mark leave, calculate salary and measure productivity of an employee.
• Staff attendance management: The attendance of the teachers and other staffs are tracked on the basis of punch in and punch out details in the biometric system. On a monthly basis, you are
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