Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sheet Hydroforming

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Fall 2018 18/01/2018 Abstract : Tube hydroforming is cost effective manufacturing process . Tube hydroforming always productions stronger structural components . This technology become an established forming process in the automotive industry as well as in many other industrial sectors. It involves dozens of lightweight materials that are used massively in the world of automobile industries. To instance, the plumbing and heating industry, household appliance technology, aerospace technology, the furniture industry such as machine and equipment construction and many other. Acknowledgments I would like thank Dhofar University for providing me with what I need to complete this project. Then, I want to thank my teachers…show more content…
It allows the tubes to from different shapes using high pressure and axial compressive loads which eventually drives the tubular to transfer to the shape of a given die cavity. 1.2. Methods of Hydroforming process (HF): A typical method in sheet hydroforming is hydraulic deep drawing (HDD). When the punch pushes the sheet metal into the die cavity, where oil or other liquids are contained, the established high pressure can press the sheet metal tightly onto the punch and a complex part will be formed. Another method is conventional sheet hydroforming, where, on the contrary, a rigid punch is replaced by pressurized liquids and the blank is bulged against a die. sheet hydroforming advantage is provides products with relatively good surface quality compared with that of traditional deep drawing. Tube hydroforming has many advantages such as part consolidation, weight reduction, improved part strength. Figure (1) a represents a process where the sheet hydroforming is hydraulic deep drawing (HDD). The punch has to push the sheet meatal into the die cavity as a result the oil encompass will generate a high pressure that presses the sheet metal hardly into the punch. Part b is the opposite of part a which presses the liquids verses a…show more content…
For example flat sheet metals are transferred into hollow body open on one side and verse-versa .The metal deep drawing process is an exemplary way to produce cups, cans and many different DW products. Fig6.Metal Deep Drawing Process Diagram 1.4. Asymmetric Incremental Sheet Forming (AISF): It's a method to meet the needs of the low volume production of sheet-metal parts, the advantage of this technology is the ability to form asymmetric shapes at low cost, quickly and economically. Fig.7 Asymmetric Incremental Sheet Forming Fig.8 (a) Single point incremental forming; (b) Incremental forming with counter tools; (c) Two point incremental forming (partial die); (d) Two point incremental forming (full die). 1.5 Bending process: Mechanism to dissipate kinetic energy. For tubes ,it can be classified into two scenarios : with strong bending rigidity and with weak bending rigidity and strong bending rigidity and weak bending rigidity during expansion process . Fig. 9 bending sheet process 2.Metal forming: 2.1.Tube expansion

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