Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shopping In Store

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Purchasing any item or being involve in any commercial activities necessary implies some transactions. There are many type of transaction either doing the activities in store or online. At first, the retail store is the most common commerce experience everywhere especially in the United States. The way this type of commerce work is simple. Your just enter in a store and search for the product you are looking for which is already stock in some places. For instance, the grocery stores, bookstores clothing stores etc. In this case, after you purchase what you need, and left, you automatically assume the ownership of the products. Secondly, the retail special order which acquire when the consumer is searching for the product which is not…show more content…
Both way is convenient and have advantages and disadvantages. People shop in function of the time disponibility. Online shopping is taking over the store shopping because most of the people do not have enough time to go in store and prefer do it online using their computer or phone. It is convenient because it helps you stay home, not using transportation or catching the bus. It is save you time and resolve the problem of going in the store and not finding the item you are looking for. The other good thing that excite customers is the price. Most of the time, the price online is much less than in store. However, shopping online has some disadvantages. First, there are many website of product selling and some of them are scam. Their main goal is to scam customer and stole their identity and information. Second, the product you buy can be a wrong size and you won’t be able to exchange or return. It is also possible for the product purchase not to be delivered. Regarding in store shopping, it is a good thing for people who don’t have enough time to go online and compare the prices or have no trust on the internet shopping or have no knowledge of internet. Buying merchandise in store, allow the customer to be in contact with the product he trying to buy. He can evaluate the product and see if it is defect or not. Going in store it means that the customer also has the product immediately after

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