Traditional Shopping

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The Internet has been identified as the preferred shopping method over traditional shopping in physical stores. This trend is fast gaining prominence as it is easier to score great deals online at attractive prices than in the brick and mortar stores.
Body- Want new clothes but don’t have enough time to venture out shopping? Relax, online shopping can save your day as it is quick and convenient both. In fact, shopping online has become a serious habit among many as they feel it is hassle free. When you are shopping online, varieties are endless. Purchases are just a click away. Deliveries are done at the convenience of the customers. Returns and exchange policies are flexible. The list is endless.
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• Buy only when you feel like
In the online shopping domain, the customers are free to commit when they feel like. So, keeping those killer pumps in your virtual cart for days is never a problem in online stores while you splurge on other essentialities.

Meanwhile, a report stated that although men more often love to shop on smartphones and tablets compared to women but most women use their smart devices to create wish lists and add items to shopping bags for future purchase.
It’s true that shopping is considered synonymous with fun. Many women shoppers have stated that they derive great pleasure out of online shopping as it is a great way to find the best prices. Although, men and women usually differ in their online shopping choices and preferences, the good news is that more are using the Internet than ever to shop anything and everything.
Hence, the online store owners need to adjust their marketing strategies and consider the mental makeup of the target audience to boost traffic and
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