Advantages And Disadvantages Of Single Bus

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Single Bus System Single Bus System, generally used in for the full length of the switchboard. This system consisting of a single set of a bus, also as we see in the figure, this set of bus bars are connected to all the generators, transformers, and feeders as. Advantages of Single Bus System  It has low initial cost.  It requires less maintenance.  It is simple in operation. Disadvantages of Single Bus System  One of the disadvantages of single bus system, if there is any fault occur, all system affected and the other feeders pass over.  This system supply low flexibility and immunity. Double Bus System In double bus bar system used two identical bus bars. These bus bars used in such a way that any outgoing or incoming feeder can be taken from any of the bus. As we see in the figure, every feeder is connected to both of the buses in parallel through individual isolator. By closing any of the isolators one can put the feeder to associated bus. Both of the buses are energized and total feeders are divided into two groups, one group is fed from one bus and other from other bus. In addition, any feeder at any time can be transferred from one bus to other. For should be kept close during bus transfer operation, there is one bus coupler breaker. For transfer operation, one should first close the bus coupler circuit breaker then close the isolator associated with the bus to where the

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