Advantages And Disadvantages Of Single Parenting

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Single parenting is about having a child without living with a partner or spouse. It can be caused by separation, divorce, unplanned pregnancy, adoption or death of a partner. Single parents need to be tough because they are the only one to raise his/her child. All the responsibilities that are shouldered by a married couple should be shouldered by the single parent alone. He/she have a big responsibility to be a mother and a father combine in a single body in order to fulfill their child’s need. As many say, two heads are better that one, but as a single parent you only have yourself. So single parenting face more disadvantages like the experience of economic hardship, negative judgment of the community and the psychological effects on rearing children that make the family and relation cycle really complicated.

Most children, living with a single parent, suffer economic hardships. Single parents are earning less because there is only one source of income. They need to work double time in order to support their living. Because of this, many single parents are spending more time working than bonding with his/her children. Their time was divided unequally with their work and their children. Because of lack of attention, children may become a rebel, do bad things, and in worst cases, use drugs. Being financially unstable also affects the children’s relationship with other children. Children who are financially unstable can’t afford to buy the latest gadget, clothes and the
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