Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sixth Sense Technology

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CHAPTER 7 ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES As in the case of any product or technology it each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Where there is something good there is also some misfortunes. Similar is the case with regard to sixth sense technology. Although it sounds very appealing and does have a lot of benefits, it proves to face challenges as current research on sixth sense technology has come to a grinding halt with only minimal researchers making little effort to make something big out of this amazing technology. 7.1 ADVANTAGES A few of the advantages of the Sixth Sense Technology are: • Portable This is definitely one of the most significant advantages of the Sixth Sense device as it is small as well as easily portable.…show more content…
The two major disadvantages associated with this are the accuracy of the information provided and the privacy of individuals. For example if you wish to see the environmental statistics of a particular product there is no guarantee that the information displayed is accurate. Maybe the company who sells the product may not let certain information be displayed which makes the product seem safe to use. Another issue as already mentioned is the loss of personal privacy. For example if you meet someone at a party we can get some relevant and certain facts about the person but the question arises as to how relevant are these facts. In some cases even if only the name of the person and their birthday is displayed it is considered as identity theft. So hence identity theft would be facilitated immensely not only because the information is readily available but also since it would become quite difficult to catch the culprit since many number of people would be using this technology. 7.3 FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS Some of the main improvements that could make this technology exceed all expectations are: • To get rid of the color markers and just use our fingers to mimic the hand

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