Advantages And Disadvantages Of Small Business

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The growing demand of the SMEs is the recognized feature of most nations. There is no exception in Malaysia. In order to make the vision of 2020 to be fully established and become an industrial nation by the year 2020, the future progress seems to depend greatly upon development of small enterprise businesses and also medium enterprise business. In the year 2020, the country will develop to become an industrialize nation by taking advantage of the country’s strengths and able to overcome weaknesses. In response to the drastic changes, the small and medium enterprise business play an important role in developing the country to a higher level. When large and small business compete with each other it may seems that definitely the large businesses will always have the big chances to win. However, in reality, small business have certain characteristics that work in their favour. There is a symbiotic relationship between large and small businesses where big business need small business. Small business perform more efficiently than the larger business in several areas. Thus, they are better at distribution compared to larger business which then makes them be considered as the back bone of the national economy. Despite the small business enterprise significant role in the development process of the national economy, there are also several challenges that they may have faced. Those challenges seem to change or evolve according to different macro and micro conditions. According to
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