Advantages And Disadvantages Of Smart Machines

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The growth of technology since the early 70’s has been incredible, from the first computers that took up an entire room to now where a 6-inch cell phone has more processing power than any of those old machines. Advances in technology happen extremely fast, and the increases have many advantages and some many disadvantages. One breakthrough in technology that is redefining all aspects of our world is smart machines. Smart machines have been appearing in all aspects of our daily life, benefiting us with suggested movies based on what was watched on Netflix or going to the doctors to have blood evaluated by a machine that never makes mistakes. Smart devices have numerous advantages; however, some uses of intelligent machines come with disadvantages for the few whose jobs were lost because a computer can do it much better. Smart…show more content…
The machines will replace jobs in all fields, from medicine all the way to sanitation workers. Smart devices are throughout our civilization and are already benefiting us in many ways today.
Smart machines are machines with pattern recognition technology, and a sort of intelligence giving them the ability to make decisions without human intervention (Arrow ECS E-Magazine, 2016). Smart machines can be robots, self-driving cars, FBI facial recognition technology, and ever the movie suggestion technology on Netflix. Intelligent devices are built off of cloud computing, big data, robotics, and the internet of things, each of these makes smart machines an extremely efficient artificial intelligence. Intelligent devices consist of four essential elements that make them what they are. The vital components are
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