Advantages And Disadvantages Of Smart Phones

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CHAPTER 5: CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS This research is done in order to achieve the objectives that had been set from the beginning of the research proposal. The objectives of this research are: 1) To clarify that using smartphone gives positive impacts (advantages) compare to negative impacts (disadvantages). Smartphones have their advantages and disadvantages towards those using them. The advantages that smartphones give are enormous and that is what makes people to be impacted. In fact, smartphones are considered as devices that have special features to perform tremendous operations. The special features of smartphone are having a well-built operating system, applications and being easy portable. From the many advantages of smartphones increased, fast and easy communication, offering many search tools and various entertainment options are the most that stand out. Many smartphone applications that are available today do impact the people who take advantage of them. A clear majority of people especially students in these emerging and developing countries see the internet as a positive influence on education. Most among the general population emerging and developing surveyed say the smartphone and the internet is a good influence on education. People are also keen on the internet and its influence on…show more content…
Surely the are taking advantages of these facilities. Information going in and out so freely without noticing it whether it is true or not. False information may be sent and receive anytime, anywhere by anyone. Next, these smartphone may give the addiction with the social application where it is the place for people to connect to each other. The interaction between human is faster and much easier. So the face-to-face interaction between human is likely less to be. The style of communication in public and people may have totally
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