Advantages And Disadvantages Of Smartphone Among Children

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Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Title: Parents’ encouragement of smartphone usage among children.
1.2 Background
The current generation of children is growing up in an era when mobile devices are normal parts of daily communication and interaction (Buckingham, 2008). Nowadays, it surprisingly issues about the usage of mobile telephone among the children in this country. Mobile telephone among the children has been a big surprise associated with the form of communication. Majority the children have their own smartphone since childhood. They are more likely to own the mobile phone than a book. Many parents assumed that purchased the mobile phone to their children as a way to insure their children’s safety while they not are around. But, sometimes
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However, there is disparity between parents and children thinking on what the parents want their children in using the device and what actually their children use them for. For example, they play video games, watching video and chatting with their friend with the smartphone all the time. The addiction with smartphone becomes unpleasant for their education. In addition, they reduce the time spend in doing homework and got bad grade in exam due to poor preparation as using their smartphone frequently. In summary, there is need for a better understanding on the usage of smartphone among the children. More specifically, the following research question need to be…show more content…
Parents nowadays are busy about their work until they are unable to pay attention to their children activities. This is the reason why the children use smartphone as the device to fulfill their leisure. Children are too attached with smartphone until their studies has being left out.
1.7 Scope of Study
The scope of the present study was investigated whether parental encouragement of smartphone usage affects the way in which children’s smartphone addiction impacts their behaviors and emotional intelligence. Differences exist in daily-life interference according to parental ages, voluntary isolation according to parental occupations, and personality distortion according to parental academic backgrounds (Cho & Lee, 2017).
Data collection was delimited to Kota Samarahan children between ages of 5 until 12 years who personally owned their smartphone. Because the sample was chosen through the random selection, the result of the study should be applied on children who have their own smartphone devices and parents who are busy and give the permission to their children for using the smartphone. This study not generalized with the larger population of children who not related with the main study.
Chapter 2: Literature Review

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