Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Enterprises

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SHREYA SILORI THE YOUNG CHANGEMAKERS MERCY WARRIORS What is social enterprise? A social enterprise is a business that is created to further expand a social purpose in a financially sustainable way. It is to provide income generation opportunities that help meet the basic needs of people who live in poverty. Social enterprises are sustainable. The income earned from the sales is reinvested in a mission. Such businesses are also scalable. Non-Profit or For-Profit Social enterprises can be both nonprofit and for-profit in from. Some of them are created, operated and/or owned by nonprofit, charitable organizations as means of generating income and/or to otherwise further their social mission. Others are incorporated as a for-profit entity but the…show more content…
Selling inside an international school may help us gain potential customers. The kids at Mercy Centre will have a chance to be creative. Weaknesses Human resources are pretty small. Cannot make many products and sell because of busy routines. Hard to estimate the cost of production of each product. Opportunities We could possibly give opportunities to the students at Wells as well to make crafts. We could also introduce the products we make to the mothers living in Mercy Centre. Threats Customers we aim to sell to, may not necessarily like the products. We might run out of ideas. Not all crafts that will be made will be sellable. Example: the kids may destroy the materials while making it or the kids may not specifically be good in arts and crafts. Environmental Aspect Compass Analysis Nature Using recycled materials No harm to the environment Help reduce trash Reusing materials such as plastic bottles may help reduce the piling up of trash. Making crafty things out of litter of the environment. Best out of waste. Not using too much energy to work. Economy Money will be donated. Not much money will be invested as we will be using recycled

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