Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media And Small Medium Enterprises

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Within the literature review many business in the world has successful implement social media on their business, so that they can target the whole world population.
Social media and Small Medium Enterprise (SMEs)
In 2009, Chua et AL said that “SMEs are not homogeneous group but they are different classified in many ways. For example, entrepreneurs are from different age, different academic background and different attitude towards social media”. Social media refers” to a wide range of online, word-of-mouth mediums, enterprise sponsored talk boards, Internet talk boards and forums and social networking sites” ( Mangold W.G. & Faulds D.J., 2009). Social Media allows SMEs to have direct interaction with customers, strategic focus, customer
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The main advantage is that social media allows SMEs to have direct contact with the customers. Social media provide online chatting or user can call and do video call which is free of charge. Hastings & Haywood in 1991 added that “customers is the heart of social marketing development with the approval of Web 2.0 social media”. Customer gets advantages as they become creative and it also increase the buying and loyalty of the customer. Social media allows SMEs to share interactive communication where customers are encourage to share feedback, post comments, rate the product or service, give their reviews and sharing items with their friends. With the help of internet, countries around the global are connected together into “a global networked economy” said Gibbs and Kraemer in 2004. Sterrett and shah in 1998 mentioned that “SMEs can own a home page”. The SMEs will not get only Mauritian customer but they will target the customer in the global as the marketing is done worldwide. Since internet connected countries globally SMEs have the chance to market their products around the global without moving countries to countries or do traditional advertising in these
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