Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media Essay

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When I was growing up Social media was not popular yet. I really had no idea what is social media was until I became a teenager. Today social media is very popular that even a ten years old kid have an Instagram or Facebook account. But what really is on social media that people are getting addicted to? How can it affect your personal life? Being on social media for a long time now made me realized some things that can change the way you look at social media. Social media is not too different from other things, it can be addictive and have advantages and disadvantages.

I once been addicted to social media, at once it was just for my past time then all of a sudden I realized that I was addicted to it, that I spent more time being on social media posting picture talking to my friends than spending time with my family. I know many of us had been through this as well. When the time I was addicted to social media I used to check my phone every hour, minute even second that is passing by and keep refreshing my Facebook to see what is trending. I understand how it feels to be addicted to social media once you are at it, it is hard to leave without scrolling down, viewing people’s posts, commenting and talking to people. It is like a magnet that you cannot take your eyes off. Being on social media I learned a lot of things about it from its dark side and a good side of it.

Social media is indeed a good place to communicate and make friends with other
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