Limitation Of Social Media Essay

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Based on limitations of the above two approaches, Ang (1995) suggested the last approach, namely the media in everyday life, focusing on the question: ‘how people live with media’ (Ang, 1995, pp216). There are four principles in this approach. First, different media have to be taken into consideration since people integrate what they get from different media. Secondly, people may not use media in a complete way with full concentration. They just sometimes skimmed through the content. Thirdly, media are interrelated with other activities. Finally, media use is a collective process and people do not use media in an individual way. Admittedly it is easy to mix up the third and fourth principles. Actually, the third principle focuses on the interaction of media with other activities and social contexts, which the fourth principle, the interaction…show more content…
Firstly, as stated in the definition, social media allow people to share contents and their own feelings. The third principle in the media in everyday life approach clearly suggests that people relate social media with other activities. People are indulged in sharing their daily lives with others. Yahoo blogs in the past and Google plus are examples illustrating people producing contents in social media. Besides, audience usually respond quickly to any post in social media. A like to a post by a friend who have a happy birthday in Facebook and a bless to victims in Paris terror attacks by Islamic State in CNN website are norms in social media. In this case, both uses and gratifications analysis, which focuses on how people use media to get certain materials, and reception analysis, which focuses on what people actually get from media, implies that people are only audience of media and do not respond to it and ignores the fact that people are also writers in social media. Therefore, only the media in everyday life approach considers the nature of social
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