Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Social Media
Social Media is one of the objects that is well know to the wider community because the effect is very influential to the development of technology until today. Social Media has been able to have a drastic impact to user/consumers who are active in the online world (with the use of online business, online profile/blog, etc).
At basically, Social Media also raises two striking effects, such as advantages and disadvantages. But in my opinion, today social media has more negative impact for users. Why?
Indeed, social media was originally built as well as possible for a positive purpose. But as the times and needs of human needs arise, Social Media is used as a container for negative things, indirectly reducing the user 's moral value (negative content, and anything else that is prohibited by religion and belief).
On this occasion I will try to explain it in detail and clear (pros and cons of Social Media).
First, the danger arising from the use of Social Media (in general) is to feel inferior. She felt isolated from a small group, so she felt like just being alone. And in the end, the users themselves will have closed nature Social Media (anti social). This anti-social impact will be one that is harmful to the user 's daily life. He will find it very difficult to be friends with anyone. Psychologically speaking, it is said that he can not trust anyone he knows (including will affect his trust with his own family).
Second, the danger that Social Media can generate
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