Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Before anything else we would start with the quote, "Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy." In any angle, this quote is a fact and applies on each one of us in our day to day battle with what we call life. It is indeed a cheap but effective way of being safe not just physically but also, mentally and socially. Sometimes, when a person is too much pleased, they intend to forget a lot of things, including their safety. Well, we can 't stop these problems and threats but, we could avoid or prevent it from happening. Currently, with the high number of emerging Social Media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a lot more to discover, we are exposed to all possibilities. These Social media platforms bring along with them advantages where we could greatly benefit from it and also disadvantages. Benefits mean Social Media builds a good relationship with its users among other users too whether it 's your long lost friend or mutual friends. It helps a user search for relevant products/services, introduces and promotes business to fellow users and look for some good details or data and foundation for putting up a business, small or medium size. Now, we focus on its disadvantages and flaws. Bear in mind that the primary purpose of these Social media platforms is to be exposed socially to thousands of people around the globe. Problems may occur if we allow them to happen, of course. In fact, there had been reports of identity theft that are very alarming
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