Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Marketing is concerned with getting right product at right right time and in right quantity to the right order to do so marketers have to go through various channels like television, radio, magazine etc which are regarded as traditional media and facebook , tweeter youtube etc which are the social media.
According to Kotler (2003) traditional marketing can be termed as a collective method where people or groups are able to exchange product and services according to their needs and wants. In traditional marketing advertisement are placed in magazines and jingles are played on radio or there is face to face interaction to make people aware about the product and services.
Whereas social media marketing is concerned with marketing the product through different social networking sites like MySpace ,face book, YouTube different blogs etc. Tuten (2008) adds that social media marketing is a form of online advertisement that is based on social communities and social network who share their experiences and opinion about the topic they care about.
Allocating marketing budget in an efficient way is the key challenge which a marketing executive has to face. Especially if they have to make decision on online pure plays such as social media versus classic communication (TV, radio, print) .in this paper I have discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of placing the marketing budgets in both the media i.e. traditional and social media.

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