Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Social Media Social media is a place where we can do most of our activity in there. Its even not something new anymore, social media has a big influence on our daily live. Everyone should have an social media account already, believe it or not, social media is already a part of our live. At first, social media is intended to connect people through the internet, so people can communicate from distance. But day after day,social media keep developing. And now, we can do various of things with social media,from working, searching information, communicating and to kill some time. With all of those advanced technology, of course there are some positive and negative influence to the users. As I will explain below The first negative impact is there are no more privacy protection on the internet, our social media account can be widely accessed from anywhere as long as there is internet and our data can be easily gained from stalker and can be misused for their own needs ( cyber crime ). The second negative impact is users becomes too addicted with their gadget and social media. That can make them become an introvert person and unable to properly face to face communication with other people. The third negative impact is there are many adult or harsh content scattered across the website, the most dangerous things is Pornography. It can easily accessed by anyone and it will be bad if the pornography is accessed by anyone who is under 18 years old, because it can damaging the next
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