Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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According to the Nielsen report, Smartphone ownership has increased expontentially and social networking has been the highest level of engagement. Smartphone technology that was introduced a decade ago has since proliferated with its advancements and convenience. Smartphone offers a platform akin to laptop but at a more effective and efficient manner. Web, GPS, Video Conferencing, Social networking sites, Voice Callings are just one of the few applications that smartphone can offer, making communication instantaneous and enormously convenient. The phenomenon of social media has become immeasurable and has been imperative as a platform for social networking, in courtesy of mobile business revolution. Social media networking creates online relationships and content sharing using social media such as twitter, facebook, linked in. ( Firms pg3) Businesses have since joined the bandwagon to utilize social media networking as a tool for internal and external communication. In this essay, I will explore the advantages and the disadvantages for a company to use social networking as tool for external communication and also, to talk about the advice for organizations wishing to use social media as an enabler. Businesses have learnt to understand that social media platform is not a channel for one-way communication but a two-way or multi-way communication. When social media networking is used correctly, businesses will enjoy the competitive advantage. Twitter, facebook, Linkedin,
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