Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Maria a girl who uses social media too much. One day she posted her picture on Facebook and then not only with good comments, she also got showered with some negative comments, which made her tear up. The next day when she goes to school she got bullied there and people were talking about her online communication, everyone was making fun of her so she ran back to home, on the same day she got stalked by some stranger friends who were add in her Facebook. Strangers hacked her account and leaked all of her personal information and her pictures. When she saw it she was too scared to talk to her parents, she didn 't tell anyone because she was embarrassed to talk to her parents so she decided to be quiet. Maria did not talk to anyone for the whole next day of school. Although she was really scared and didn 't talk to closest friend Angie. The next day Maria went missing and it was a really sad day for her parents, friends and the people who liked her. On the same day Maria 's friends were also getting hacked by some strangers, their personal information was also leaked and one of her friends also got in trouble badly by her parents. Many people in her school realized that Maria was missing and then many people in her school decided to take off a break from web. Social media has many disadvantages. People can stalk you, hack you and take your personal information and leak it on public; However others may think that internet has advantages, internet have more disadvantages then

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