Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Networking

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Alliyah Modeste Ms. McCammon Science 100 The Disadvantages of Allowing Minors to use Social Networks Don’t you find it quite ironic that one is willing to share their personal information and thoughts or even their life stories on social networks, but not willing to do that amongst their peers in the real world? In the 21st century, social networks are something that the younger generation is constantly occupied with. It’s safe to say that some teenagers live on social networks. In the United States, social networks account for one out of every six minutes spent online (IACP Center for Social Media). In the past, social networking were used initially by college students to stay posted about their school activities and keep in touch with their family and friends back home, but today the majority of social networks are used by high school students. They use it for the wrong reasons such as cyber bullying, instigating altercations, and even posting content that isn’t age appropriate. Social networks are one of the leading causes for the exposure of endless dangers for minors, so the various networks should find an efficient way to monitor what minors post. According to a research conducted by Pediatrics of Brown Danny, spending hours on social networking sites can lead certain teenagers to start comparing themselves to others, resulting in depression. Some of us are in the habit of comparing our friends list with that of our friends and acquaintances. So when we
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