Astronauts Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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Research Question:
The two astronauts in this movie encounter various forces. They are careful when they encounter these forces because the astronauts are in constant freefall, and since forces come in pairs their actions will always have consequences.
These forces are used by the astronauts to repair the International Space Station and they use these forces to get around places in space. These forces surround everything in space and come with advantages and disadvantages in space.
What scientific forces are utilised throughout the movie?
Gravity and the three Newton’s laws of motion are the forces that are being utilised throughout the movie.
The astronauts are surrounded by gravity. Every object in space exerts a gravitational
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Directors don’t have to make use of big cranes to movie objects and machinery, the actors can do that. The actors are able to float in space; they don’t have to get strings attached to them.
Gravity in space has to be prepared for. The actors will have to be trained before they can go in space. Training is usually expensive and time consuming. The female astronaut in the movie did not receive proper training she felt nauseous, had panic attacks and did not know what to do in certain situations.
Small force is needed to accelerate a body. Actors in the movie can do their own stunts. No cost is needed to higher stunt doubles. In the movie the actors did their own dangerous movements in space because movement in space does not require too much effort.
The movie will have no sound. Sound needs a medium to travel through like molecules in the air. In deep space, there are large empty areas between stars and planets; there are no molecules to vibrate. There is no sound there. You would not here explosions in the movie and you would hear when the space debris came in contact with the space

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