Role Of Politics In Sports Essay

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The IOA which is supposed to promote Olympic sports, has created federations for non-Olympic sports because smaller bodies are easily manageable and secure their votes. As there has been no categorical specifications for becoming a member of a sporting body and the ‘be all and end all’ is to stay in power, the influential people nurture a vote bank by appointing people close to them. This creates an incestuous and nepotistic little club of sports administrators, scratching each others’ backs. A listing of the presidents and chiefs of various sport federations in India and their formal political linkages is telling. In India federations still run on an ad hoc basis with most official working in honorary capacity .this means that running the federation professionally is least…show more content…
Prior experience in governance helps to manage things properly ,secure adequate funding for availability of proper resources for the sports persons .there is nothing wrong wrong with a politician being charged with at the helm of affairs of administrative body. though it is well acknowledged that sports persons might be better aware about the needs of the sportspersons and the resource requirements as they have played the game and are in a better position to appreciate the needs of the sportspersons but that is no reason to ban a fraternity just because some people have failed to respect their position and contribute enough towards the improvement of the sports. Great managers or governors can come from all walks of life including
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