Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spyware

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o Introduction:
Computer is an important device, used by people to satisfy their own needs, whether those needs were for studies, business, or entertainment. This is why when it comes to network security, it can be considered as a big issue. This report will provide its readers with detailed summary about some network threats, such as Spyware, Malware and DoS. And some ways to help preventing these threats, using Firewall and NAT.

What is spyware?

With many types of software that are spread around the internet intended to do harm, it is quite important to take caution when it comes what spyware can do much of harm. Spyware is a term that is used to describe software that performs specific actions, but without getting your permission before using it, such as:
• Advertising.
• Collecting personal information of different people.
• Changing your computer configuration.
Spyware is often related to software that shows advertisements (often named adware) or at other times it is software that follows the trails of personal information.

 Trading tracking for services
What said before doesn’t mean that all software that use ads or software that keeps track of your online activities is bad. For example, let’s say you signed up for a free music service, but by that it means that you are paying for the service by agreeing to get the targeted ads. If you fully understood the terms you agreed to, you may by that have decided that is a fair tradeoff between the two of you.
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