Advantages And Disadvantages Of Stand Up Desks

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Sitting down for prolonged periods can have adverse effects on your health. Sitting causes a cumulative on the entire body which increases the chances of developing various health problems from cardio issues to diabetes, back pair and obesity. It is therefore advisable to do away with that chair at work and bring a stand up desk. The desk ensures you are not settling for less in your work, performance and health. This because it has several health benefits that include lower risk of getting obese, reduced cardio problems and lower risks of developing metabolic concerns. Here is a close look at top 10 best stand up desks in 2015.

10. Speedy Stand Up Portable Desk Black:
This is a stand up desk that converts your sit-down desk into a stand up desk. It is sturdy with a solid construction. It is portable and lightweight with dimensions of 36 by 15 inches. You can use it at home or work with less commitment than the traditional standing desk. It is ideal for lethargic, professional and students who want to work at peak efficiency.

9. Victor High Rise Stand-Up Desk Converter, 28 x 23 x 14-1/2 Inches, Black (VCTDC100):
This desk converter provides a simple solution for people who feel they are sitting too much at work or home. It features a durable laminate coating and sleek wood construction with a tapered back to fit in corner cubicles. It can transform any sit-down desk into a stand-up desk since its surface is raised 12.5 inches to

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