Advantages And Disadvantages Of Statistical Analysis

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CHAPTER 2 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The examination led was basically by secondary exploration. Because of the organization approach primary research couldn 't perform. Type of research: Market study and Statistical Analysis Market study is done to identify the different parameters that affect the living standards. This will determine the extent to which an individual can compromise on one aspect so that the utmost criteria are been fulfilled. Data Collection Data collection is done by secondary sources mainly from government websites (DP Report) and Cushman and Wakefield research database. The Market Beat issued regularly by the company, also helped to obtain past data. All the parameters of the Livability Index were deeply studied and later the data was collected and compared. Cushman & Wakefield issued a 4-5-page report on Navi Mumbai as a whole. On similar lines, the company wants to issue an individual report for all the other sub markets of Mumbai. Thus, this compiled report on each area will help them to make wiser decision for a long run. Limitations of Data Collection 1. Getting data and information from private builders is tedious and sometimes not accurate. 2. Statistics sometime maybe manipulated just to show a good overview of certain developer. 3. The sources other than the government sites cannot be trusted. 4. Real Estate data changes every other day as new plans keep coming up. 5. The C&W Research Team data is

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