Advantages And Disadvantages Of Student's Perception On Online Learning

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Objectives of the study 1. To identify student’s perception on online learning. 2. To find out advantages and disadvantaged they would receive when learning through online 3. To identify student’s suggestions to overcome perceived disadvantages when learning through online Research Questions The following research questions were formulated to achieve the above objectives. 1. How would students perceive online learning? 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages students would perceive if they would learn through online? 3. What suggestions students would perceive to overcome perceived disadvantages when learning through online? Literature review Students’ Perception on Online Learning Student perception is an influential factor in…show more content…
In addition flexibility was also rated highly, as the expectation of being able to work on the course at your own time and pace was seen as quite desirable. Another advantage perceived by a large number of students was not having to sit through lectures and being able to view/review lectures as needed. Major advantage of online courses did not have to deal with other students disrupting class and not having to deal with other students asking…show more content…
Misunderstanding assignment directions, trying to contact the instructor for help, and technology issues were all reported as potentially frustrating and stressful disadvantages of online learning. In addition, many students indicated that using the computer for other non-related course activities, such as Face book, while working on the course would be a drawback (Alexander, Truell, Zhao, 2012). Smart & Cappel (2006) also highlighted some challenges perceived by students such as content-related issue raised concerned the inclusion of simulations in the learning units, the online units did not contain enough “new” information or were not interesting. A study done by Burton & Goldsmith (2002) on students’ experiences in online course, have stated that students recognized the most significant personal challenge to online courses was not the challenge of course content, but the need for discipline in managing the work equipments of their online courses while balancing the demands of careers and personal

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