Disadvantages Of Surrogacy

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• First we need to understand what the definition of Surrogacy. According to Merriam Webster, surrogacy is the process by which a “foreign” woman carries another’s parents’ child for an exchange of money in return. Also, surrogacy is considered replacement or a substitute mother since this surrogate is willing to carry a child not hers for financial or voluntary/emotional reasons.

• Moving on surrogacy comes in one of two definitions: first is Genetic or Traditional surrogacy, which is a sperm from the parent or a male donor, is used to impregnate the surrogate. In this case, the surrogate is biologically linked to the child. Another surrogacy which is known as Gestational surrogacy, is in which the couples’ egg and sperm are fertilized in
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• The surrogate will gain money which can support her families.

The disadvantage of surrogacy

On the other hand, Mary Warnock a philosopher of morality and ethics cites a similar objection, opposing doctors by claiming that surrogacy is 'a form of exploitation similar to prostitution ' due the women who are willing to rent their wombs for money. Of course there is a huge difference between prostitution and surrogacy but they share that each service done a huge amount is money is attained (Warnock, 1985).

For instance, another woman who opposes the practice of surrogacy, Andrea Dworkin, the well-known American feminist, states that: Motherhood is exploited by foreigner females to carry another couples’ child is considered as a form of prostitution with the assistance of the scientists as they encourage such practice to be applied (Dworkin, 1983).

In other words, now the surrogate becomes a form of an “incubator” for someone else 's child, plus the surrogate is forced to act against her feelings by giving away a child she held for 9 months, this causes postpartum depression which emotional affects the surrogate after the

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