Advantages And Disadvantages Of Swedish Massage

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Humnet Ketterer Student number: 215082788 Swedish Massage assignment Table of content Page: 1- Front page 2- Table of content 3- Table of content 4- Introduction 5- Client scenrio 6- Client card 7- Client card 8- Massage movements 9- Massage 10- Preperation + beginning of massage 11-14 Beginning of massage 15- Picture of different massage movements 16- Area that the massage benefits most 17-18 Conclusion 19- Bibliography Introduction Massage is a very old style in health care practices. Swedish massage is the most popular massage in the West. It is a massage with deeper work and much more pressure is used. Different types of oils is used to relax the body and make it soft so that the therapist can perform movements to warm up the muscle tissue. Massage therapy is used to relax or reduce the tension of the body. It is also used for blood circulation and the flow of blood and the movement of our lymph. During the massage the client will be relieved from stress and will be more relaxed, it also relief the pain from headaches and eyestrains and also improve flexibility of the body. There are a few common strokes of a Swedish massage: Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction and Tapotement. Client Scenario Sonja Otto is a 29 year old woman. She is 4 months pregnant and is suffering from heavy swollen legs and feet. The client would like to have a back and neck massage due to a lot of backache and also a posterior leg massage to help with the

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