Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teaching Designs In The Classroom

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In every classroom it is a common sight to see that teachers are teaching students lessons based on the theme that has been selected for the term. Due to this, they will be conducting the lessons in such manner that will help the students understand it better. There are both advantages and disadvantages while designing an integrated thematic unit. However, the advantages is that it helps the students connect the dots and understand the world better around them, moreover it keeps them engaged and interested after all this will be student centred learning not teacher centred because if the lesson becomes too teacher centred then it will get boring for the students to learn. Moreover, with the help of the technology, the teachers can show and create an interesting lesson. We can also add to the factor that with the help of the designing an integrated thematic unit, it saves…show more content…
Furthermore, despite designing an integrated thematic unit there are several disadvantages that the teachers can face difficulties. Such as if the teachers are continuing the same theme for the rest of the year then it is very likely that the students would get bored and lose interest in studies. Sometimes, when one of the student is absent then the student will miss the content that has been taught during that particular day. Sometimes it is also noticed that the teacher might not be ready with the contents and less organised during the day the theme is introduced to the classroom. Moreover, it is revealed according to the studies that has been conducted when designing the thematic unit it is a good idea

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