Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teaching English Essay

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English enjoys a dominating presence amongst all the world languages. It has the most number of speakers in the world after Mandarin and Spanish. More and more learners across the globe are learning it as a second language. English also serves as a link language. One in four speakers in the world are said to have the ability to communicate in English. English thus serves as the common denominator for speakers of different languages. English plays this role effectively in the linguistically and culturally diverse nation like India. India is a multicultural and multilingual nation. The Census of 1991 revealed that there are 1576 ‘mother tongues’ in India with distinct grammatical structures. With over a thousand languages spoken in the land, English still occupies a prominent position, long after the imperial masters’ exit. English is an official language and serves as a link language amongst people from different regions of the country. The English speaking ability amongst the people have also led to huge employment opportunities on the global market, with India becoming a leading back office service provider. The desire to learn English goes well beyond the employment aspect. Many in India equate…show more content…
The reasons include systemic faults like vague syllabus, outdated methodologies to wrong assessment criteria. There are also practical challenges like large class size, lack of expert language educators and lack of funds for using valuable resources. Amongst the myriad reasons, there are also challenges the learner faces that are psychological in nature. These in particular cause variances amongst individual language learners. The key factors that impact individual learners are Motivation, Attitude, Aptitude, Age and Personality. Anxiety and poor motivation obstructs the learner from learning and acquiring the language skills. Neuro-Linguistic Programming can help overcome these

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