Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology In Construction Industry

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Introduction: The term 'advanced development technology ' in construction industry covers an extensive variety of present day techniques and practices that envelop the most recent improvements in materials technology, design methodology, amount studying, offices management, administrations, structural examination and design, and management skills used in construction industry. Technological advancements in different fields such as medical industry, business industry, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering etc. have brought many positive impacts. Fusing advanced development technology into construction industry can expand levels of value, proficiency, safety, maintainability and incentive for money. The advanced technologies in construction industry are very useful for all type of small and large scale construction projects. The construction industry recently dominated many changes due to the advancement of technology, the industry needs to work collaboratively and pool knowledge in order to capture innovation. It 's a typical dilemma in the construction industry: how to "capture" knowledge and transfer it from one occupation to another, where there will be innovation among the talented personnel. Constructing Excellence, however, has concocted an inventive 'ground-up ' method for boosting R&D and innovation. The construction process of today is in need of improvement. When comparing the construction process of today with the angles that are
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