Essay On Technology In Schools

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We live in a world where technology makes our lives easier and more enjoyable. In recent times, schools have started taking advantage of these advanced machines to help students learn with a diversity of lessons. We are aware that there are many benefits of incorporating technology into lessons; however, it can also negatively affect the lessons. Furthermore, a research conducted in a variety of American schools, has proved on average, that for every one person there are three electronic devices in a middle school (from year 6 to year 10) classroom. Technology is integrated into lessons to help the student, although it can also disrupt their learning if it is overused or inappropriately used.
Technology alters the way a child thinks, both in a positive and negative way. An article on “Psychology Today” shows that while (educational) video games help a child
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This can lead to a variety of different problems. Quite a few students prefer to learn with physical interaction and with technology teachers are not meeting their needs. These students can learn more efficiently if they can truly understand the concepts that are being taught to them. In addition, this massive increase of on screen time can cause loads of health related problems. Screens emit radiation which can be harmful -to us humans- if we excessively use our electronic devices. Do we need to suffer from all these problems? Furthermore, this excess use of electronic devices reduces our physical activity and makes us lazier as everything is simplified for us. We think we are making our lives easier but in reality we are actually adding more problems. We have to understand that this overuse of technology can cause serious problems. We cannot risk our health for something so insignificant to our lives. Overall, I strongly believe that that we do not have to go through all this stress; all we have to do is limit the use of our electronic devices to improve our
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