Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology In Our Life

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Introduction Technology plays an important in our modern life. So, my research topic is about the advantages and disadvantages of technology in our life. Technology is defined as a science that means a study of a whole range of industries, arts and crafts and all rerated means and materials. First, I will tell you the importance of technology in general. Secondary, I will tell you the importance of technology in education. This issue is important because technology has facilitated human life in a general and our lives in particular by providing the best means of transport, making access to any face in the world in easy and enjoy able. The importance of technology in education the mechanisms of education have evolved very rapidly, taking advantage…show more content…
With modern technology comes a modern weapon that could kill whole countries which is against humanity. Graph and Analysis The above bar chart indicates the percentage of advantages and disadvantages of technology in our life. When males and females were asked if technology has made life more difficult and dangerous, only 40% of males agreed as for females, 60% of them agrees to this statement. The second question was: Dose technology helps in our life? This question was answered positively by 100% of men and 80% of women; the same percentage agrees to the statement that "technology changed the life in a good way". From the chart above most men don't believe that Technology has made life easier safe, meanwhile most women believe so. Moving to the last question, does Technology has negative and positive effect? 100% of females agrees that technology has positive and negative impact, when only 80% of males agree according to the bar chart above. Methodology The topic of my project is the technology. It was related to my specialization I had one research question for my project. The project was started in the 13th
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