Advantages And Disadvantages Of Telecommuting

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Currently technologies develop very fast,makes it hard for people to keep up with them.the development of these technologies causes Change In all aspect of life.regarding professional life,New technological influence the way of working.firstly what is telecommunication? Telecommuting ,also known as e- commuting or e- work,is the term used when individual takes advantage of the many technological advances to work from anywhere they desire ,giving themselves flexibility in their hours and there work location (helsin,2007) further More, it 's important to note the employers in Nigeria 's economy where as telecommuting is a topic of which opinions differs telecommuting seems to be mainly driven by a change management attitude, improvement in technology, saving in office cost and the remain from staff 's (haynes 2000).one of the advantage of telecommunication as it affect positivity the economy is flexibility in work location at the majority of the current house hold both pastness and present also involved in full time job. Another advantage is reduction of travelling costs and time that is the individual can work form the comfort of there home through the internet and telecommunications mean making the economic production very visible and new economic development ideas can be achieved with out time Wastage. One of the Major disadvantage of telecommunication is the risk of insecurity is the order of the ray in our social vices life. Inform theft, blackmail, arm robbery
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