Advantages And Disadvantages Of Telecommuting

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In our current society, working style in the business industry is changing as a result of advancement in technology which is covering every field. Advancement in technology has brought about the issue of working remotely also known as telecommuting. The whole issue seems to be getting the better part of the job market in various setting. In the market, telecommuting has come up with benefits as well as difficulties where this has made individuals have an attempt of comparing the two type of working styles in order to know which one holds more benefits than the other. Overall, working remotely or telecommuting is very essential to both employer and employee because it is cost-effective, increase the productivity of both the employers and workers due to flexibility as well as providing a healthier working environment. Working remotely enable companies to save a lot of money with regards to the cost involved in working in an office which is cost effective. Maximizing profit while at the same time minimizing cost is the key reason why most companies exist in the market. Employees, on the other hand, work hard to become stable economically and also to be able to support their families in the best way possible. Hence, in this kind of context, it is agreeable that both employer and employees have a common goal which is increasing returns while reducing the cost. This aim has been proved to be successfully achieved when workers are given the opportunity of working from home
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