Advantages And Disadvantages Of Television

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Television is a positive tool for education and development. It can educate children about other cultures and the ways of life. However, excessive television viewing may be harmful to youth development. People in the very beginning as television first began to get popular around the world, some people were afraid that they maybe somehow get brain damaged by rays which emanated from the television while it was operating. But that was not the only reason why people were afraid of television. So many other things frightened the people in the 1930 and the most common one to this day is that television causes a violent impact on society and a violent impact on kids.
Television provides viewers access to arts, music, religion, new technology, news,
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For example teenagers spend more than 7 hours/day with a variety of different media like television. Those media’s are filled with sexual messages and images, many of which are very unrealistic.
On television which remains the predominant in terms of time spent for all people, more than 75% of prime-time programs contain all kinds of sexual content, yet only 14% of sexual incidents mention any risks or responsibilities of sexual activity. 64 pregnant women in New York and Connecticut metropolitan area over a two-year period, Bessett describes their pregnancy-related use of popular media especially television. Women who said TV had no influence on them trace their expectations back to specific television episodes was one of the few ways that we can see the power of these mythologies. Examples of media 's influence included disillusionments in their own birth processes in relation to what they saw though
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Reality TV typically reveals inappropriate behavior within peer groups, often promoting interpersonal drama, aggression and bullying.While reality TV seems to place emphasis on sex appeal, materialism, hard-partying and relational aggression, it does not emphasize the fact that many women on these shows are highly intelligent and successful in their real lives. Sex is also used on television to sell products, shows, and ideas, and TV often glorify sex. Television’s portrayal of sex and sexual acts may have a definite impact on your teen’s perceptions of sex, and those perceptions could differ from family’s beliefs. On the positive side of television when appropriate television is viewed, it can have positive impacts on the teenagers.
Teenagers can copy the behaviors they see on television in a positive way, and when these behaviors are rewarded on television, teenagers see them as positive and something they would like to model as. Television can impact a teenager’s maturity and growth, and it is important to monitor what a teenage or child watches on television, as it can have positive and negative effects on
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