Advantages Of Overcoming Obstacles

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In this second theory of "Those who do not use local guides will not be able to gain the advantages of the terrain" which original text is"不用乡导者,不能得地利" , it's says that one have no knowledge on the tradition, culture, way, and regulation of the land, they're unable to gain the upper hand of the foreign land and unable to come up with a strategic plan. Some terrain are effortlessly travelable, makes you to hung up or makes for a clash, some is narrow, steep, or wide open. If the terrain enable both side to go forth and back, the terrain is easily passable. If so, you should take up the position first and pick the suitable area which could be high ground, sunny side, supplication convenient or large vision, this brings you a battle advantages. If you're getting a hard time retreating, this…show more content…
On steep terrain, if you are there first, you should occupy the high and sunny side to await the opponent. If the opponent is there first, withdraw from there and do not pursue. On wide-open terrain, the balance of momentum is equalized, and it is hard to make a challenge, disadvantageous to fight. It is the general's highest responsibility to pick and understand these terrain, and it is imperative to examine them. The shape of the land is an aid to an army; sizing up opponents to determine victory, assessing dangers and distances, is the right way of action for military leaders. Those who do battle knowing these will win, and those who battle without knowing these will lose. To obtain information of the terrain, a general can employ one of the troops to ask the locals about the history, changes, and disadvantages of using the terrain. If the territory belonged to the enemy, the general still have other ideas, which is capture the locals and spill out the information of the territory or award them to keep them
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